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Business Segments

UGI Corporation is a holding company with businesses focused on providing energy distribution, transportation, marketing and storage services.

Domestic Propane

Our domestic propane distribution business is conducted through AmeriGas Partners. AmeriGas Propane is responsible for managing the Partnership. The Partnership serves over 2 million customers in all 50 states from over 2,500 propane distribution locations. In addition to distributing propane, the Partnership also sells, installs and services propane appliances, including heating systems. Typically, the Partnership’s locations are in suburban and rural areas where natural gas is not readily available. Our district offices generally consist of a business office, appliance showroom, warehouse, and service facilities, with one or more 18,000 to 30,000 gallon storage tanks on the premises. As part of its overall transportation and distribution infrastructure, the Partnership operates as an interstate carrier in 48 states throughout the continental United States. It is also licensed as a carrier in the Canadian Provinces of Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec.

The Partnership sells propane primarily to residential, commercial/industrial, motor fuel, agricultural and wholesale customers. The Partnership distributed nearly 1.4 billion gallons of propane in Fiscal 2013. Approximately 92% of the Partnership’s Fiscal 2013 sales (based on gallons sold) were to retail accounts and approximately 8% were to wholesale customers. Sales to residential customers in Fiscal 2013 represented approximately 42% of retail gallons sold; commercial/industrial customers 33%; motor fuel customers 12%; and agricultural customers 8%. Transport gallons, which are large-scale deliveries to retail customers other than residential, accounted for 5% of Fiscal 2013 retail gallons. No single customer represents, or is anticipated to represent, more than 5% of the Partnership’s consolidated revenues.



UGI International

UGI International primarily serves the propane markets of 16 Western and Central European countries.

During Fiscal 2013:

  • Antargaz, our French LPG distribution business, sold approximately 258 million gallons of LPG in France and approximately 50 million gallons of LPG in the Benelux countries.
  • Flaga, our Central and Eastern European LPG distribution business, sold approximately 239 million gallons of LPG. Flaga is the largest distributor of LPG in Austria and Denmark and one of the largest distributors of LPG in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.
  • AvantiGas sold approximately 145 million gallons of LPG in the United Kingdom.

Antargaz is one of the largest LPG distributors in France and the Netherlands and the largest LPG distributor in Belgium and Luxembourg. Antargaz’ customer base consists of residential, commercial, agricultural and motor fuel customer accounts that use LPG for space heating, cooking, water heating, process heat and transportation. Antargaz sells LPG in cylinders, and in small, medium and large tanks. Sales of LPG are also made to service stations to accommodate vehicles that run on LPG. Antargaz sells LPG in cylinders to approximately 16,000 retail outlets, such as supermarkets, individually owned stores and gas stations. Supermarket sales represented approximately 77% of butane cylinder sales volume and approximately 14% of propane cylinder sales volume in Fiscal 2013. At September 30, 2013, Antargaz had approximately 223,000 bulk customers, approximately 8,000 natural gas customers and over 9 million cylinders in circulation. Approximately 63% of Antargaz’ Fiscal 2013 sales (based on volumes) were cylinder and small bulk, 16% medium bulk, 18% large bulk and 3% to service stations for automobiles. Antargaz also engages in wholesale sales of LPG and provides logistic, storage and other services to third-party LPG distributors. In addition, Antargaz operates a natural gas marketing business in France and the Benelux countries that services both commercial and residential customers. No single customer represents, or is anticipated to represent, more than 5% of total revenues for Antargaz.

Flaga serves customers that use LPG for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, resale, and automobile fuel (“auto gas”) purposes. Flaga’s customers primarily use LPG for heating, cooking, motor fuel (including forklifts), leisure activities, construction work, manufacturing, crop drying, power generation and irrigation. Flaga sells LPG in cylinders and in small, medium, and large bulk tanks. At September 30, 2013, Flaga had over 70,000 customers and 5.5 million cylinders in circulation. Approximately 27% of Flaga’s Fiscal 2013 sales (based on volumes) were cylinder and small bulk, 21% auto gas, 46% large bulk, and 6% medium bulk.

AvantiGas serves customers that use LPG for wholesale, aerosol, agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial, and auto gas purposes. AvantiGas’ customers primarily use LPG for heating, cooking, motor fuel (including forklifts), leisure activities, industrial processes and aerosol propellant. AvantiGas sells LPG in small, medium, and large bulk tanks with small bulk sales representing approximately 6% of Fiscal 2013 sales (based on volumes), medium bulk sales representing approximately 36% of Fiscal 2013 sales and large bulk sales representing approximately 58% of Fiscal 2013 sales.

UGI also markets LPG in China through a majority-owned partnership that sold approximately 9 million gallons of LPG during fiscal 2013.





UGI’s natural gas utility operations (“Gas Utility”) consist of the regulated natural gas distribution businesses of our subsidiary, UGI Utilities, and UGI Utilities' subsidiaries, PNG and CPG. Gas Utility serves approximately 600,000 customers in eastern and central Pennsylvania and several hundred customers in portions of one Maryland county. Gas Utility is regulated by the PUC and, with respect to its several hundred customers in Maryland, the Maryland Public Service Commission.

Gas Utility is authorized to distribute natural gas to approximately 600,000 customers in portions of 46 eastern and central Pennsylvania counties through its distribution system of approximately 12,000 miles of gas mains. Contemporary materials, such as plastic or coated steel, comprise approximately 85% of Gas Utility’s 12,000 miles of gas mains, with bare steel pipe comprising approximately 11% and cast iron pipe comprising approximately 4% of Gas Utility’s gas mains. In accordance with Gas Utility’s agreement with the PUC, Gas Utility will replace the cast iron portion of its gas mains by March of 2027 and the bare steel portion by March of 2043. The service area includes the cities of Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Harrisburg, Hazleton, Lancaster, Lebanon, Reading, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Lock Haven, Pittston, Pottsville, and Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and the boroughs of Honesdale and Milford, Pennsylvania. Located in Gas Utility’s service area are major production centers for basic industries such as specialty metals, aluminum, glass and paper product manufacturing. Gas Utility also distributes natural gas to several hundred customers in portions of one Maryland county.

System throughput (the total volume of gas sold to or transported for customers within Gas Utility’s distribution system) for Fiscal 2013 was approximately 192.1 billion cubic feet (“bcf”). System sales of gas accounted for approximately 29% of system throughput, while gas transported for residential, commercial and industrial customers who bought their gas from others accounted for approximately 71% of system throughput.


Midstream & Marketing

UGI’s Midstream & Marketing business consists of our energy marketing, midstream, and power generation businesses.

UGI’s energy marketing business sells natural gas, liquid fuels and electricity to approximately 17,000 commercial and industrial customers at approximately 41,000 locations. Energy Services serves customers in all or portions of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Ohio, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina and the District of Columbia. Energy Services distributes natural gas through the use of the distribution systems of 36 local gas utilities. It supplies power to customers through the use of the transmission systems of 20 utility systems.

UGI’s Midstream business operates a natural gas liquefaction, storage and vaporization facility in Temple, Pennsylvania (“Temple Facility”), and propane storage and propane-air mixing stations in Pennsylvania. It also operates propane storage, rail transshipment terminals, and propane-air mixing stations in Steelton and Williamsport, Pennsylvania. These assets are used in UGI’s energy peaking business that provides supplemental energy, primarily liquefied natural gas and propane-air mixtures, to gas utilities on interstate pipelines at times of high demand (generally during periods of coldest winter weather). A fourfold expansion of the Temple Facility was completed in 2012. In Fiscal 2013, Energy Services expanded its energy peaking services at the Temple Facility and sold liquefied natural gas to customers for use by trucks, drilling rigs, other motor vehicles and facilities located off the gas grid. Energy Services also manages natural gas pipeline and storage contracts for UGI Utilities, subject to a competitive bid process, as well as storage capacity owned by Energy Services.

Through subsidiaries, UGI’s Midstream business owns and operates underground natural gas storage and related high pressure pipeline facilities which have FERC approval to sell storage services at market-based rates. The storage facilities are located in the Marcellus Shale region of Pennsylvania and have a total storage capacity of 15 million decatherms and a maximum daily withdrawal quantity of 224,000 decatherms.

UGI’s electric generation business is consists of:

  • an approximate 5.97% (approximately 102 megawatt) ownership interest in the Conemaugh generation station (“Conemaugh”), a 1,711 megawatt, coal-fired generation station located near Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Conemaugh is owned by a consortium of energy companies and operated by a unit of GenOn Energy, Inc.
  • Ownership of the Hunlock Station located near Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, a 130-megawatt natural gas-fueled generating station.
  • Ownership of a landfill gas-fueled generation plant near Hegins, Pennsylvania, with gross generating capacity of 11 megawatts. The plant qualifies for renewable energy credits.
  • Ownership of 7.64 megawatts of solar-powered generation capacity in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. Several other solar generation projects are in development.


Corporate & Other

Corporate & Other results principally comprise Electric Utility, “HVAC/R” business (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration and electrical contracting), and several other items such as unallocated corporate expenses and interest income.

Electric Utility supplies electric service to over 60,000 customers in portions of Luzerne and Wyoming counties in northeastern Pennsylvania through a system consisting of over 1,900 miles of transmission and distribution lines and 13 transmission substations.

HVAC/R, our heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration and electrical contracting service business serves portions of eastern Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region, including the Philadelphia suburbs and portions of New Jersey and northern Delaware. This business serves more than 90,000 customers in residential, commercial, industrial and new construction markets.


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