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Theodore A. Dosch

Theodore A. Dosch

Director since July 2017

Principal Occupation and Business Experience

Mr. Dosch is Executive Vice President of Strategy & Chief Transformation Officer of WESCO International Inc. (a leading provider of business-to-business distribution, logistics services and supply chain solutions). He previously served as the Chief Financial Officer (2011-2020) and Senior Vice President, Global Finance (2009 to 2011) of Anixter International Inc. (a leading global distributor of network & security solutions, electrical & electronic solutions and utility power solutions). Prior to joining Anixter International, Mr. Dosch held a number of executive positions with Whirlpool Corporation, including CFO – North America and Vice President, Finance, of Maytag Integration (2006 to 2008), Corporate Controller (2004 to 2006) and CFO – North America (1999 to 2004). In connection with the suspension of voluntary reporting obligations under the Exchange Act, Mr. Dosch also served as a Director of UGI Utilities, Inc. until April 2020..

Key Skills and Qualifications

Mr. Dosch’s qualifications to serve as a director include his senior financial executive management experience at both Anixter International and Whirlpool Corporation. His education (Mr. Dosch has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Ohio University and is a certified public accountant) and experience provide him with financial expertise. Mr. Dosch possesses international expertise by virtue of his positions at WESCO International Inc., Anixter International, and Whirlpool Corporation, companies with global operations, as well as in-depth experience in the areas of strategic planning, asset management, change management, and risk management.